Happy Dance Look Alive Eye Cream + CBD is light, smooth, and feels so luxurious going on you won’t believe it costs just $26. It’s amazing how many good for your skin ingredients are included, like avocado oil and Hymagic 4D (a combination of four kinds of Hyaluronic Acid with different properties) to lock in moisture, quinoa extracts that reduce the look of eye puffiness and fine lines, peptides that reduce puffy under-eye bags and dark circles (our nemesis!), and soothing CBD. We’ve really enjoyed using it and definitely think it delivers on its promises. 



It’s got a great natural ingredient list, and all Happy Dance products are vegan and cruelty-free, but what really sets this Kristen Bell co-founded company apart is their commitment to doing good for our planet. They prioritize recycling, print using soy and vegetable-based ink, and all their packaging is made from recyclable materials. What you get with the Look Alive Eye Cream is a clean, natural product that won’t break the bank, while you support a company that is doing its part for a sustainable future.