All masks are not created equal. Some beauty affectionaidos swear by mud masks, other’s prefer coffee grounds or gel sheet masks and there’s no shortage of promised results; firming masks, hydrating masks, brightening masks, lifting masks…
We recently got to try  SeneGence’s newly launched Spa Collection which includes the luxury   SeneGence Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask ($50.00) which, the company says, is ‘Infused with genuine colloidal gold.’ For years, celebs have sworn by gold facials before a big event. We put it to the test.
Our intrepid Serenity agreed to give it a try. Reporting that it felt great on, like doing a luxurious spa treatment at home, the big reveal is below.

Serenity said, “The gold mask made my face smoother, It also calmed my redness. My skin feels so fresh.”

Of course, Serenity is naturally beautiful, but she too has had skin issues …and loved the results from the mask.

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