New York Gov. Cuomo held his first briefing since sexual harassment claims surfaced and critics called for him to resign.

He apologized to his accusers and said he never meant to cause them pain or make them feel uncomfortable,’ but maintained that he ‘never touched anyone inappropriately’ and urged people to wait for the findings of the AG’s investigation.

‘But, I want New Yorkers to hear from me directly on this. First, I fully support a woman’s right to come forward and I think it should be encouraged in every way. I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional. And I truly and deeply apologize for it.

‘I feel awful about it and frankly I am embarrassed by it. That’s not easy to say. That’s the truth. ‘

When asked if he would resign, he said firmly: ‘I’m not going to resign.

‘I work for the people of New York. I’m going to serve them. We have a full plate – we have COVID, we have rebuilding, a teetering New York City… so no.

‘I am going to do the job the people of the state elected me to do.’