Smart working and new ways of working have allowed anyone to experience new lifestyles, new daily routines, coming incredibly close to achieving the work-life balance that many had only dreamed of.

For the past three years, companies that have voluntarily chosen to embrace smart working have grown exponentially, especially in the first year and a half of the health emergency, during which many brands have allowed their employees (though not quite all) to work from home for three, four, or even five days a week, thus greatly, almost drastically, reducing the hours spent in the office in close contact with colleagues and superiors.



This radical shift in daily rhythms has not been unanimously welcomed by all professionals, and on some occasions has even prompted some workers to formally request to work in the office. The presence of other people and possible pets, the high volume of TV shows on Netflix, and the narrowness of the space, which in some cases makes it completely impossible to seclude oneself to get one’s work done, prompted many people to prefer traditional ways of working, going so far as to consider smart working as one of the most dangerous fruits of modernity.


The doubters

These people have not yet realized the enormous potential encapsulated in smart working, in the possibility of working from home and avoiding fitting into the uninterrupted flow of travel by car, subway, cab or train, thus saving themselves a considerable amount of physical and mental stress.

The opportunity of smart working can also substantially redefine the daily routines of a great many people, giving them a completely different rhythm and opening up new possibilities for one’s free time as well, particularly with regard to breaks between work sessions.


First and foremost, working from home means being able to manage one’s time with extreme freedom, carefully dividing it between moments to devote to work and those reserved for leisure and one’s passions. This innovative way of working can also decisively affect the lives of those who are unable to work from home, and who in some cases have been forced to sadly return to the office in front of their desks.


Who said that smart working must necessarily take place within the home? Why not decide to spend the entire workday outside the home, perhaps inside one of the many Starbucks cafes or at any rate in a place that allows you to plug in your computer and work? Smart working, in this sense, also becomes an extraordinary opportunity to explore your city and neighboring countries, the foreign nations that most attract you, thus turning into an excellent incentive to travel.



Indisputable advantages

Those who decide to stay at home, on the other hand, can always enjoy the benefits of smart working in countless different ways. One of the most important has to do with the organization of the day, which theoretically should be divided between work sessions and your quality breaks.


At the office, your control over your break times is extremely limited, and in most cases is constrained by the presence of other people. At home, on the other hand, you can enjoy maximum freedom of maneuver by scheduling your breaks and enjoying them to the fullest, with nothing or no one to disturb you.



A good idea would be to devote the different breaks of the day to a pastime that can relax you, amuse you, and that has the ability to transport you into an atmosphere that has nothing to do with work, thus allowing you to unplug for a few moments and devote yourself only to your well-being and your favorite entertainment.

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Denying yourself the joys of smart working just doesn’t make any sense, especially when you consider that life is really short and there are plenty of opportunities out there just waiting to be seized.