Five Americans were freed from Iran this week and arrived back on home soil Tuesday.

Part of a wider deal that involved unfreezing $6 B in Iranian funds, it was all down to the hard work of Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs Roger Carstens and Acting US Special Envoy for Iran Abram Paley.

“Families were hugging, crying, people at some points hadn’t seen each other in eight years. I had the chance to hug and talk to a few of them myself but also to watch the families interact. It was very nice to watch the Shargi family interact with the Tahbaz family, the Tahbaz family interact with the Namazi family,” Carstens said on “CNN This Morning” Tuesday. “These people have become quite close over the last few years. It was good to watch that energy and love and happiness and joy of watching this reconnection.”