We are suckers for any eye cream and have tried dozens of products in the last three years, mostly looking for anything to diminish the dark circles under our eyes that having two babies in two years bestows on you. To this point, we had yet to find something that truly made even a small difference so you can imagine our skepticism about Instytutum Eye Cream.
The eye cream claims to provide both brightening and firming to the delicate eye area with energizing caffeine to reduce fluid retention and puffiness and peptides to actively diminish all types of wrinkles. You guys – IT WORKS. After using the product exactly as directed (which is to apply a thin layer to the eye area morning and night and gently tap into the skin until fully absorbed) for about a month we can report a lightening of our dark circles and a tighter look to our creases. The product feels light, but moisturizes so effectively that we have even used it on other areas of our face that are particularly dry.
At $89 for .5 ounces Instytutum feels like a splurge, but even with twice daily applications the jar of cream is still full and we can easily see this lasting several months. And to be honest, it’s worth every penny.