How much do we love this story?

Nicknamed the ‘original supermodel’, Lauren Hutton just landed a contract with a major beauty player at the young age of 75.

Now the spokesmodel for the high-end  StriVectin brand, Hutton praised the skincare line for being ‘hip enough to show the world that we can be beautiful at all ages’, a message echoed by the beauty line:

‘Hold on to your collagen. At every age’ – to ‘celebrate multi-generational beauty and the notion that part of looking and feeling your best is holding on to what matters most, who you are and what you love’.


For the fashion icon, it meant the world:

‘I said coming back [to fashion] at 46 or 47 was the thing I’m proudest of, but it makes me awful proud to come back at 75,’ she said at an event to celebrate her partnership with the high-end brand.

Beauty at any age…what a concept.