If you checked our medicine cabinet, you’d see a multitude of pain relief products, from the standard ALEVE to CBD products promising the world.
You’d be mistaken if you thought we were a high-performance athlete — the most exercise we get is walking our pup. Still, we suffer from life’s aches and pains, especially after bending over a computer for oh, 10 hours.
So we tried the ELIXICURE all-natural plant-based roll on our neck and shoulders. It felt good going on — that’s the soothing menthol — and within a minute we felt looser, with less pain.
How does it work we wondered?
The ‘miracle’ ingredients are Organic Willow Bark which contains salicin which was a  precursor of aspirin; then there’s natural Camphor Oil, which was used in ancient times to treat sprains and inflammation; Organic Wintergreen Oil which had been used to treat rheumatic symptoms, headaches, aches, and pain; Organic Shea Butter which is reported to have inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties plus a few more all-natural ingredients.
Available in unscented and lavender, in a roll-on or spray, it’s great to have a chemical-free pain reliever. $19.98 at ELIXICURE or AMAZON.