As the world rushes to develop a vaccine for COVID, scientists have also been tasked with finding a way to protect the lungs — the organ at most danger from the virus. Now, two scientists have discovered in lab studies that a cholesterol-lowering drug may have promising results.

Simply put, it works by interfering with the virus’ ability to reproduce. And with the newly developed vaccines so far only able to provide immunity for a few months, this could be key in the fight against the virus.

Professor Yaakov Nahmias, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Dr. Benjamin tenOever at New York’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found the common medicine in some cases helped COVID patients to recover in sometimes within five days of treatment.

Nahmias said the decision could be vital in the fight against the pandemic.

‘With second-wave infections spiking in countries across the globe, these findings couldn’t come at a better time,’ he said.

‘Global cooperation may provide the cure.’