We are obsessed with skin care and were super excited to try Fancy Face Serum from Primally Pure, whose line of natural deodorants we recently loved (and are STILL loving). The Fancy Face Serum contains a vitamin and antioxidant rich blend of the most potent oils on the planet, which are reportedly known to assist in healing and preventing a range of skin conditions such as fine lines, acne, age spots, and discolorations. The first thing we noticed about this product is the smell, which Primally Pure describes as a rich, earthy aroma. We found the smell to be very unpleasant and were hesitant to put it on our face but persevered in the name of good skin.

The product is dark yellow in color and at first, we could see it on our skin, but it quickly absorbed and the smell dissipated, leaving us with a healthy, almost dewy glow. We used the product in the morning, after showering and before applying makeup, and we noticed a significant difference in how nicely our makeup applied and looked (still dewy in a great way). After using the product daily for several weeks (honestly, the smell never gets easier, but the results are worth it) we are happy to say our skin looks brighter and younger. It’s also worth noting that we have combination skin, with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, and even though it might seem counterintuitive to apply oil to oily skin we have had no problems with breakouts, which seems in line with the company’s claim that the serum is great for all skin types. Available at PrimallyPure for $48.