Oh, the irony! Remember when Hillary Clinton was crucified for using her personal email – and home server — to send business emails? Of course, you do since the Republicans are still harping on it. Trump still gets crowds to chant ‘LOCK HER UP’ referring to Hillary.

Well, the  Washington Post reports reported Monday that the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to receive and send emails about her work for the government of the United States.

Ethics officials learned last year that Ivanka sent hundreds of emails from a personal account. Why this has taken so much time to come to light is a puzzle.

And get this…when Ivanka was confronted with the conflict inherent in her email practices, she replied that she was not familiar with all of the rules. She also swears no sensitive government business was discussed. Uh-huh.

Strange that we haven’t heard any calls to ‘LOCK HER UP’!