About 95 percent of small businesses have challenges in several aspects, if not all aspects of finances at any given time. These possible issues could be relevant to all companies, including a sole proprietorship or corporation or a private practice optometrist. This is not supposed to be the case. 

There are several ways to ensure that you are one of the top 5 percent of practice owners who do not have to encounter these challenges. Having an eye care web design is necessary, but you also need to consider other factors as a licensed medical practitioner.



What Can You Do To Avoid Having Small Business Known Issues?


  1. Automate your profit. It is your first simple strategy to set aside or open a savings account which you can use for nothing else except your profit that you are getting from your medical practice. Deposit at least 1% of your collection to this account before paying any bills. If you are able to run your practice when you deposit $1,000, you can also run it for $990 like you are not even missing anything. If this is a discipline that you can maintain, you can leverage this and eventually increase your percentage of deposit over time. We can consider a breakeven point at 10 percent using this methodology and increase it if you want to internally fund your own growth. This works if you choose not to go to massive debt every time you plan to grow your optometry practice.



2. Learn how not to succumb to paying unnecessary taxes. A lot of optometrists in private practice overpay their taxes by not taking full advantage of the tax law. As your accountant or tax professional for ways how you save money. If your tax professional has not tried to give you options, find someone who specializes in small business tax strategy.

3. Know your stats. You need to know your personal number. A lot of financial forecasts use industry data or benchmark study but a lot of times, these numbers are not helpful to your practice. Oftentimes, the owner’s profit or compensation is the first time to get cut when you encounter cash flow trouble. This is a burnout you can avoid as a private practitioner. You do not need to sacrifice your benefits because there are ways that you can learn how to grow your number and make sure they give you the results that you need in gaining more clients to visit your clinic, and getting more referrals from your network.

4. Know your numbers beyond. Financial statements could be an effective tool for measuring business performance. But it is not everything. You need to be clear about other metrics that can give you the full picture into how your medical practice is performing. Some call it the KPI dashboard, come up with measurements such as clinical and optical revenue and the profitability of each, completed exams, capture rate, debt to income ratio of receivable just to name a few of the most common KPIs.

5. Endure and be persistent. Manage the business side of your clinic regularly and build this into your normal operations. Do not settle for just a set of metrics, keep on improving and always think of ways on how you can improve your services even if it takes time. Each step is vital.



What Are You Waiting For? You can Run Your Business Successfully!

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