• Coronavirus will kill 100,000 more people by the time the Tokyo Olympics is over, the World Health Organization warned, as it urged everyone to get the vaccine shots.

  • In the US the CDC is reviewing whether some people might need a vaccine booster shot this Fall.


  • At a town hall yesterday in Ohio, President Biden let his frustration over anti-vax citizens show and urged people to do their part to eradicate the deadly virus.

  • When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of the five Republicans that Kevin McCarthy was pushing to be on the committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol riot, McCarthy said he would pull ALL five of the Republican members. That leaves GOP Rep. Liz Cheney who always pushed back against Trump’s ‘lies’ that he won the election.


  • In China, devastating floods have killed 33 people, and more than 6,000 firefighters and 2,000 members of the military and paramilitary force are on the ground to help.

  • In California, Pacific Gas and Electric has acknowledged that some of its power lines are responsible for the horrific wildfires and announced plans to bury more than 10,000 miles of equipment to help prevent forest fires.