Full disclosure: we’re already fans of this brand, especially the ‘Skin Perfection Gel’ which we use in place of foundation because it gives us a smooth, almost line-free finish and yet looks completely natural. So when there’s anything new by Perfekt beauty, we jump on it.




Fortunately for us, one of the latest products is the LIQUID LASH CURLER which they recommend instead of the traditional eyelash curler for that big-eyed look. ‘Formulated with lash curl technology’  the gel formulation curls lashes without the pinch, pull tug or tear of an eyelash curler. And who hasn’t accidentally pulled out a few precious eyelashes with their curler?

By no means the first to debut a curved brush, the so-called magic ingredient is something called Keratrix, which did indeed curl our ashes, though we must admit, not as much as the dreaded metal contraption. ($28.)


There’s nothing we don’t love about the new LIP PERFEKT , a buildable, wax- free, almost sheer lip gel, which gives your smooch a tint of color. With one stroke, it makes your lips soft, with two swipes you get more color, until you reach just the right natural shade. ‘Hyaluronic microspheres’ and jojoba hydrate dry lips and makes your lips appear fuller. Unlike a lip stain it won’t last but just throw it in your purse/pocket to re-apply. $17.50. All the Perfekt beauty products are available at Ulta Beauty.



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