With all the damage we do to our hair all summer — think pools, salt water from the ocean and not always conditioning — this DEFY Damage from Joico is a perfect antidote.

It protects all hair types — especially colored hair — from the damaging effects of daily heat styling, UV exposure, and environmental pollution that lead to dull, dry locks.




After using the Defy Damage Protective Shampoo ($25) conditioner ($26) and the ‘Sleepover’ (an overnight nourishing treatment. $29) our hair instantly looked shiny and bright again. Joico says that the system helps strengthen hair bonds for a ‘healthy hair transformation.’

And by adding in the ‘Protective Shield’ which gives us a shield against the color fade from the sun plus damage from blow drying and styling, our hair continued to gain luster.

So Boost your defenses with the JOICO Defy Damage System, available at ULTA and Amazon.

Your hair will thank you.