“I am living with Stage IV cancer and so are you,” says Quincy Coleman, founder of WE CAN DO THIS NOW, a non-profit call to action for Environmental and Racial Justice. 
Originally, the song was an homage to Greta Thunberg’s speech, Our House is on Fire“The world is in a stage IV state of emergency. Like the state of my body 11 years ago, inflamed with dis-ease, the house of humanity is on fire with racism and our home, Mother Earth is literally on fire,” sings songwriter Quincy who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2009 and in a moment of inspiration says “I have to believe that if we truly take responsibility, choose to love and listen to our Black and Brown Brothers & Sisters and our planet, we CAN heal and restore global wholeness and harmony.” 

Imagining a kind of ‘We Are the World ‘ moment for Mother Earth, the song organically evolved into a movement calling for justice and raising awareness and funds for Thunberg’s Fridays For Future.