After Germany (finally) announced that they were sending 14 Leopard 2 tanks to war-torn Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said that the US plans to send 31 Abrams tanks as well.

NATO allies had pressured Germany into contributing the state of art tanks.

On Wednesday, Russia reacted to the announcements saying it takes the conflict “to a new level of confrontation.”


Leopard 2 tanks.

NATO Security General Jens Stoltenberg explained that Germany’s  Leopard 2 tanks to  Ukraine “will significantly strengthen their combat capabilities.”

“We have seen how the Russians are digging in and are building fortifications,” Stoltenberg said. “If we want Ukraine to be able to both to defend against upcoming Russian offenses, we know the Russians are planning for new offenses, and also if we want Ukraine to be able to retake territory, we need to give them more armor, more heavy and modern weapons.