Creative’s new ‘Pebble ‘ 2.0 desktop speakers not only are small enough to fit on any desk ( 4.4 inches wide each) but the sound will blow you away. Available in classic white and black, they’re tilted to a 45-degree angle for better audio projection and use just one USB cable so you don’t have to worry about finding a close wall outlet. (The two speakers are hardwired together, you see.) And the best part – these tiny marvels are only $24.99!

The ‘Pebble’ delivers surprisingly good sound considering their size  — highs are clean and clear and the bass thumps along.With its built-in passive radiators and an impressive combined RMS of 4.4W, the cute Creative Pebble will surprise you.

While these are not hi-fidelity speakers they are perfect for your computer and the price can’t be beat.









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