When you meet skin guru Susan Ciminelli, the first thing you notice is her luminous skin. Her secret? Her own line of skincare naturally, made from botanicals from the earth and essential elements from the sea, especially algae and seaweed. At an early age she was experimenting with essentials oils (later she would travel to Egypt to add to her collection) and it was a fateful dip in a murky pool of algae that lead to her discovery of the transformative powers of algae and seaweed which is featured in almost every one of her products.



Now a trained esthetician, Ciminelli combines the best of nature and science in celeb-loved formulations and favors a holistic philosophy that informs everything she does. (J.Lo credits her line with her beautiful glow.)

We’ve been using her products for a little over three weeks and already have seen a difference in our skin; clearer, unblemished, and even our girlfriends mentioned how we ‘glowed.’ And the products smell like the ocean — especially the Marine Lotion which is an anti-aging serum that diminishes fine lines and also seems to have medicinal powers since it cleared up an ugly mark left from a zit. (We now use it this miraculous oil for everything from bug bites to soothing over-sunned skin.) Unlike many essentials oils, these soak quickly into the skin, leaving super-hydrated glowing complexion.


The Trilogy
This unique three-step process will leave your skin beautiful, youthful, and glowing.

We caught up with the busy entrepreneur to quiz her about her high-performing skincare line:


Why did you develop the line? What did you think was missing in most skincare products?


I developed my own line 38 years ago because I have very sensitive skin and I needed something that would soothe my skin as well as prevent aging. I think a lot of skincare lines use strong retinols that prematurely thin the skin and strip it of its’ natural oils. I think a skincare line needs a balance between science and nature.

Many of the ingredients are marine-based? Do seaweed and seawater hold almost magical powers?

YES, seaweed, algae, and seawater are natures gift to the world. They are nutrient-dense and naturally contain glycogen, which is nature’s natural peel. The difference between glycogen and glycolic acid is that glycolic acid is way too powerful a peel for the skin. It also strips the skin of natural oils and thins it. Skin needs to be juicy and plump. Everyone will contemplate going under the knife one day. You have to give your plastic surgeon a healthy, plump skin for best results that look natural. This is why I like to get my hands on girls as young as 13 to teach them the proper way to care for their skin before they destroy it.

 What product in your line do you recommend for dark spots? (Our readers ask us that all the time!)

The Algae Deep Cleanse ($65) is great because it is a gentle peel that needs to be used twice a day. Then follow with any of the Essential Oil blends (Editor’s note: we love this Hydrating Formula ) to deeply nourish the skin and help skin cells stay healthy and young, followed by  the Marine Lotion  ($195.) and then finish with a spritz of Seawater ($55.)  Once you are soaking wet from this trilogy, apply any of my creams. This takes all of 15 seconds to apply.


BTW,  one of my clients had jaw bone cancer. Her surgeon had to remove her tibia to rebuild her jaw which left her with a huge dark and thick scar on her leg. In January she started using my Body Silk lotion on her legs. The nasty scar on her leg is almost not visible any longer. I was so happy for her.

Color us ecstatic that we discovered this line!