If you’re a female gamer, then you’re part of a rapidly growing demographic. Within mobile games, it’s easy to see that ladies are making up more and more to this market. Within this article, you’ll find all of the most popular genres for women to play.

Pokémon GO

The biggest game of 2017 was highly popular with men and women alike. This game inspired players to get out, get active and have fun. For female players, this offered the opportunity to fit in a bit of fun with their fitness regime.

There were a few concerns over safety worries, as the app allows other people to see where you are. As women, this is a bit of a pain, but in recent updates, these security issues have been addressed. That way, women can just enjoy the game without having to worry about their personal safety.

Candy Crush

The bright and colorful graphics of Candy Crush are appealing to just about every player, as it’s a pretty addictive game. Matching up the sweets and unlocking new levels are a lot of fun for players, acting as a rewards system. With a manic soundtrack and mini-games, it’s easy to see why players love this game.

There are even spin-offs of the game which take the gameplay to the next level. It’s a brilliant option for players that want to have a game that they can play in just a few seconds. Some of the later levels are challenging but it’s really exciting to complete a new level.


Playing bingo is often seen as a feminine hobby and the demographics do show it to be more popular with ladies than men. There are loads of options to play mobile bingo, sites like bingoonmobile.co.uk even list the best and most popular places to play.

With mobile bingo games, you don’t just get fun, you also get the chance to win some jackpots too. This puts this game way above a lot of other ones, with the chance to win cash making it a lot more enticing than just for fun games. There are a lot of freebies to be had when you play these games too, ideal for those that love a bargain.

Gordon Ramsay Dash

If you love time management based games, in which you need to complete tasks to earn points, then this culinary based game is the one for you. With celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay at the helm, this licensed game is part of his massive empire. It’s really challenging at times, often leading us to rage quit, but we always find ourselves coming back to this game time and again.

There are microtransactions within this mobile game, you can basically buy extras and power-ups for real money. This isn’t essential, however, as you can enjoy the game itself without having to buy anything at all. There are some adverts in there too, but it doesn’t detract from the overall game.

These games are just some of the ones that women are opting to play, with plenty more options available too. For busy women on the go, mobile games can allow them the chance to chill out when they have a few minutes to themselves. This seems to be the reason why these quick mini-games are just so popular.