Do you remember the classic Valentine’s Day treat, Sweethearts? We’d hand out the candy-shaped hearts indiscriminately to our classmates. ‘Be Mine.’ ‘True Love.’ Classics.

Ahh, times were so much simpler then.



Then, in 2022, the candy company introduced “Words of Encouragement.’ Messages like ‘Way 2 Go!,’ ‘Be You’ and ‘Proud of You!’ They were like a pep talk in candy form.

This year, in an effort to stay current, Sweethearts debuts its new ‘Situationships,’ which cover an entirely new spectrum of relationships…or maybe not.

Candy hearts spell out blurry, hard-to-read messages for all those blurry, messy situations. As the brand says ‘Messages as blurry as your relationships.’

Brilliant, right?




‘Sweet, muddled nothings and literal mixed messages to capture what singles are dealing with,’ says additional branding on the boxes.

They’ll be available in limited-edition boxes in-store and also at SweetheartCandies.