With apps to make your life easier, smartphones have become the common man’s escape to a smoother, easier, and more enjoyable lifestyle. Whether it’s for the purpose of finding good spots in your city for a pub crawl or ensuring that your dietary requirements are met every day, apps for both Android and iOS have become quite the modern man’s necessity.

Here are 8 of the most essential apps that you need to make your smartphone even smarter:

Microsoft To-Do

Having a checklist of all the things that you need to do makes the day so much easier. This is precisely what Microsoft brings for smartphones, having acquired and renamed the predecessor of this app, Wunderlist. User-friendly, with a clean design and cross-platform compatibility, this app is truly a must-have.


While one might argue that much of the stress generated due to contemporary lifestyles is because of technology itself, Headspace is an app designed for both iOS as well as Android users that offers guided meditation services for people who are always on the go. Its in-built notification system, adorably-designed interface and calming graphics and audio all work together in order to ensure that your body and mind are in a state of calm. Long-time users have claimed benefits such as a barrier against burnouts, fatigues, and insomnia.


Sleep Cycle

Too often, the buzzing sound of the alarm going off results in people waking up under-slept, groggy, and disoriented and as a result, being in a bad mood all day. Medical experts argue that shocking the body out of its natural state of sleep is not a wise decision. This is where Sleep Cycle steps in to save the day. This app accesses your phone’s microphone and accelerometer to determine your sleep pattern. It calculates and goes off during the period, closest to the time for which you have set the alarm, in which your sleep is the lightest.


A much-loved recommendation from food lovers as well as health buffs all over the world is Runtasty, yet another successful venture of the popular fitness-related enterprise, Runtastic. It offers its users recipes to prepare the most delicious meals in the most nutritious way possible. Its most noteworthy feature involves access to some of the most diverse filters that allow you to narrow down the search options on the basis of your specific nutritional needs, such as high-fiber, no-gluten, and others. Users can choose from more than 40 recipes on this app. It is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.


If you are an avid lover and listener of music, Bandcamp is the app for you. What sets it apart from other apps for music libraries and streaming is that this is where most independent artists and newcomers in the music industry first debut their tracks, before reaching out to other applications and services that charge to stream their content. This is an app that not only gives you access to songs that are yet to be made mainstream and are not readily available elsewhere, but also support independent artists and bands. It is available for free on both iOS and Android.



With a plethora of tools to enable your phone camera to function at its optimum level, this is an app that helps you capture the most aesthetic masterpieces. It has advanced tools for editing pictures as well. In spite of its wide range of features, the app is really easy to use.

Vegas Paradise

Casino games and gambling are no longer indulgences you can only enjoy in Vegas. Most casinos have now gone online, bringing a variety of games and casino entertainment to smartphones for players, from the comfort of their own homes. Vegas Paradise happens to be one of the supreme online gambling forums, managed by experts in both fields of gambling and app technology. The app functions by reading current gambling affairs, the playing market and discounts and deals to encourage new players to join. It provides premium quality gaming experience, and casino games with promotions and free spins to those users with valid memberships.


No matter how many newspapers you subscribe to, it always feels like you are not ahead of the curve. Funnel is a news app that is a boon for both students and professionals in fields like journalism, politics, as well as for those who like to be well aware of news pieces from around the globe.  It offers users access to the audio stream of the most current news from some of the more renowned news channels. Its vast expanse of content ensures that you stay updated with the latest happenings at all times.

Concluding remarks

The whole point of having a smartphone is to make your day more convenient while keeping busy. Make sure that you equip it with the necessary apps that will help you achieve your daily goals properly.




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