Ever wanted to stay in a tree house? You can in Sweden at the aptly named TreeHotel  which features seven unique ‘treerooms’ including the ‘Cabin,’ the ‘Bird’s Nest,’ ‘Mirrorcube’ and the ‘UFO.’ There’s also a tree sauna. Of course.

Birds Nest.

Located in the small town of Harads —  population 600 — the TreeHouse hotel is near the Lule River, in case you feel like fishing or hiking (they offer guided hikes) or kayaking on the river, OR taking a Moose hike. Did we mention there’s a zip-line on site? Of course.

The ‘UFO’ treehouse.

There’s a small restaurant on site which is said to have wonderful local food, helmed by Swedish chef Chef Sebastian, but if you don’t want to leave your comfy tree house, they’ll cater a full meal in your little home in the sky.

In the winter you can opt for the luxurious ‘Ice dining.’ Picture sitting on reindeer skins on a  frozen lake, lit by torches and candles as a 3-course dinner is served while you enjoy the Northern lights.

For booking and special packages just check the site. Meet you there.

Edeforsväg 2 A
960 24 Harads

Telefon: +46 (0)928-103 00
E-post: booking@treehotel.se

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