That sound you hear is exhausted parents around the world cheering. With the brand-new REMI sleep device — so much more than just a baby monitor — parents are getting more sleep and quickly teaching their little munchkins good sleep habits.

You see, REMI by UrbanHello is the first baby monitor/ night light /intelligent alarm clock/ music speaker/sleep tracker and sleep trainer, all wrapped up in a cute, colorful device. ($99 at Amazon.)

Designed for newborns to 10 years of age, it’s completely customizable so it adapts to your families patterns. For babies, it’s a baby monitor; connect to REMI from your smartphone and listen to your tot no matter wherever you are in the world (perfect for parents who travel for work.) When they get older you can speak to them through the device and remind them it’s time to stop chatting with their sibling and go to sleep!

It’s also the all-important night light and even plays lullabies you chose, OR, thanks to the BT connectivity you can play music from your phone or tablet.

If that weren’t enough, the clever REMI is a ‘sleep trainer,’ helping to create a regular bedtime routine, even before little munchkins can tell time. The sweet expression lets them know that 5:30 am is NOT a good time to go jump on the parent’s bed and wake them up!

REMI also learns your child’s sleep routine and tracks their sleep patterns, notifying parents via a mobile app.

When your little bundle of joy becomes a toddler it becomes their first music player, playing their favorite lullabies and music. Cool, eh?

We interviewed the husband and wife team, husband and wife, REMI Founders, Herve Artus and Catherine Seys. (We only wish this was around when our Mackenzie was little!)

DCN: Why did you come up with the REMI?

‘It started with an idea of a new sleep trainer when our own kids were about 2-3 years old. Back then, we were developing our first product, the Home Phone, and once that kicked off, we began working on our initial ideas for REMI. We went to groups of parents to understand their daily experiences and needs, and that’s really how we came up with all the features included in REMI today: a complete sleep tool for parents and children!

DCN: Give us your best tips for using the device.

REMI is designed to be super easy to use. All of the detailed set-up is seamless and takes place in the parent app. Once REMI is set-up the children will be able to use it physically by accessing a few buttons at REMI’s bottom to play their music for instance. In our home, the features we use the most with our children are the sleep tracker during the week –our kids tend to keep chatting together after the lights have been turned off which we are sure is the case for many families! On the weekend, the features we use most are the sleep trainer and the kids like the Bluetooth speaker so they listen to their own music in the bedrooms rather than in our living room.

DCN: How old are your children and did you have trouble getting them to sleep?

Our children are now 10 and 9 years old. Like many parents, we struggled a bit when they were younger to get them to sleep in later on the weekends or go to bed on time during weekdays. By using REMI over the last few years this has improved. Now, even though they are older, we still pay a lot of attention to the regularity of their sleep routines, because a healthy sleep habit is important for their body and mind and we want to do all we can to help promote school success and we know proper sleep is key to that!