We thought microfiber cloths were all the same. We were wrong. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy QVC commercial, the Persik ULTRA fiber Pure Sky cleaning cloths are almost like a new invention.



The publicity person raved about them so we said ‘send’em.’ Unlike other cleaning cloths, all you need to add to these is water. First up, tackling the mirrors in all the bathrooms. It cut our time in half and left streak-free surfaces — no going over it three times to get them sparkling.

We also like that they’re environmentally friendly, washable, and don’t need harsh chemicals to work. Absorbs to more than five times its own weight and picks up even dust in crevices.



Actually, we liked them so much that we bought the multi-pack on Amazon for every cleaning chore, including the tiny one for our glasses.

Did it make us love cleaning? Nope, but it sure made it easier.



And we just bought this cleaning window glass glove which should make it even easier. ($10.99.)