If there are any millennials on your holiday list, we have you covered. Gift them the new Creative Labs Nova speaker — which does everything but vacuum — and you’ll be the favorite relative, guaranteed.

The 5-driver Wi-fi multi-room speaker with over 16 million color combos is also Alexa-enabled and turns your space into a  ‘sound spa’ upon command. What does that mean exactly? Figure that the Nova transforms from your rockin’ party speaker into an ambient lamp for an audio and light experience to help you relax or sleep. (There’s a sleep timer so you can doze off to your favorite soundscape.)

The Nova is waterproof so can go pretty much anywhere (thinking pool and beach) and the battery lasts a good 7 hours (we tested it.)

For right now, the Nova SOUND BLASTER INTERCONNECT APP is only for iPhone users (sorry, Android) so you enjoy cloud music services and internet radio without connecting to your phone to the speakers.

The sound is good, especially the thumping base and the lights turn any event into a dance party.

Sound like something that hard-to-buy nephew would like? We thought so.

$149 at Creative Labs.




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