Now that the ombre trend is fading stressing over our roots is once again, a thing. Fortunately, while everyone was busy giving zero effs about their grow out, the hair fairies —- okay, chemists — were cooking up a slew of new temporary root cover-ups. I got my hands on Back2Blonde by EVERPRO to see if it would really help me cut down on my visits to the salon. (Available for light, medium and dark blonde. $12.99 .)


My first attempt at camouflaging my roots with Back2Blonde was an epic fail. Turns out it’s pretty important to hold the can at least 4 inches away from your head before you start spraying. Well, unless you want an orange scalp (think oompa loompa). Luckily for me this stuff washes off in the shower so it was only a minor inconvenience. The next time I was ready to take aim at my dreaded regrowth I was cautious and held the can 5 inches and kept it moving slowly. The more stubborn areas required a couple of passes but I was able to get the job done without turning anything orange. (The quick-dry formula dries in 2-3 minutes, tops.)

 This is definitely a life-saver product for those time when you just can’t make it to the salon.

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