As a beauty editor, we are lucky to get to try every beauty product (you should see the messy stack in our office) and we have a new fave sunscreen — Supergoop’s Mineral Makeup Matte with 40 SPF. Move over Kate Somerville and Drunk Elephant –there’s a new contender in town.

Why do we love it? For one, our skin looks soooo much better with it on! The highly blendable translucent tint smooths and improves the look of our skin while still protecting it from the sun’s dangerous rays. While you can layer foundation over it since it acts as an effective primer, we prefer the natural mattified look it gives us.

Formulated with natural ingredients such as Butterfly Bush Extract (which also helps protect against ‘blue light,’ which come from electronic devices. Hello, cell phone),  Argan Oil (a rich moisturizer) and White Mulberry Root (which evens out skin tone) it’s good for your skin while making you look like a glowing beach babe.

It’s like perfect skin in a tube. We’ve even worn it out at night; it’s that good. Supergoop ($38 for 1.5 oz.)