When you see those photos of celebs toting their own pillow as they climb into their private jet, chances are it’s the ‘Night Pillow.‘ Called the ‘most comfortable pillow in the world’ by a herd bunch of celebs and happy customers, it’s a pricey $150 bucks …but worth every penny.

The NIGHT Pillow features  memory foam that self-adjusts to support every sleep position, whether you are a face/back/or stomach sleeper. It’s not too soft, nor too hard and molds to your body. We compared it to our tempur-pedic and the Night Pillow was soooo much comfier. It’s as if they discovered a new kind of memory foam.



And let’s not forget about the custom-fit mulberry silk pillowcase which promotes deeper, more restoritive sleep and helps keep your skin and hair healthy. (We’ve been yapping for years about how silk pillowcases helps prevent wrinkles, acne, and improve the effacy of face serums.)

Made fromTriSilk, the company says it’s a proprietary blend of 95-percent Mulberry silk, never before used in bedding with 5-percent spandex in order to increase durability and reduce bunching. We’ve been sleeping on silk pillowcases for years but this gorgeous black beauty is far superior to anything we own.




Since it’s surprisingly light, it’s easy to take everywhere, even if you’re not going on a Gulfstream. And of course you can buy a compression travel case which reduces your Night Pillow to 1/5 it’s original size. $75.

The Kardashians wish they had our Night Pillow.