Italian Coffee and Sweets basket from Thoughtfully. $99.

We all have that relative or friend that’s almost impossible to shop for and we have a solution — send them a curated gift box! You can find almost anything at Thoughtfully, from a tasteful box of tea for your Aunt to the Italian Coffee and Sweets basket (above) which anyone would be happy to receive. Shopping solved.

Holiday Cocoa Variety Gift. $24.99 from Thoughtfully.

BOXFOX is another one we like — and the perfect way to get a head start on your holiday gifting. And here’s a hint: for Thanksgiving or a holiday party, consider sending a box in advance. You’ll definitely get invited back next year.

And now is a good time to mention that the young, female founders Chelsea Moore (CEO), Jenni Olivero (COO) and Sabena Suri (CSO) are among the 2019 Forbes list of “30 Under 30” winners recognized within the ‘retail & e-commerce sector.’

For the sweet tooth on your list, the Candy Club will send a hand-picked box, priced from  $15 to $29 every month.Set their preferences  —  ie they love red licorice but can’t stand the black — and BOOM! you’re done.




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