FACT: the first ingredient in almost all beauty products is water.

Míage Skincare claims it is the first luxury skincare line to replace water with isotonic ‘La Milpa Cactus juice.’



Secondly, the skin line boasts of  ‘isotonic nutrient delivery’ which basically means creating a natural environment for the ‘micro-molecule formula’ to absorb into the skin cells.

And last of all,  the company says that its formulations regenerate stem cells.

While we’re not sure about the last claim, we tried the brand’s Awakened Eye Elixir and it almost immediately brightened the area under our eyes, diminishing some of the lines and making our eyes sparkle. And it hydrated beautifully. It works so well we use it morning and night but also when we want to look our best. It’s better than any concealer we’ve tried.


So even though we may not understand the science behind it, we’re just glad it works. $99. at Miage Skincare.

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