We usually avoid the ‘organic’ wine aisle at our favorite wine store but a publicist recently sent us Lifevine, a natural and organic wine that is also sugar-free.

And we’re happy to report that the Chardonnay is lively and bright, the Pinot is complex and tasty and the Rosé is our new favorite.

We didn’t tell our guests we were serving them all-natural, pesticide-free, sugar-free vino until they all weighed in with opinions — all positive. ‘Where can we buy this!’ asked one (at some stores and online. Just plug in your area code and it’ll tell where you can score some locally.)



Did you know there are over 60 FDA-approved wine additives for winemaking, and wine brands are NOT required to put ingredients on their label? Yeah, we didn’t know that either.

Lifevine even LAB tests their wine for purity and is committed to label transparency.

We always look at food labels so why not wine?

We just ordered the ‘Party 4-Pack’ to be delivered; a Blanc de Blanc Sparkling, a Pinot Noir, Red Blend and a chardonnay for $65, which is quite the deal. I guess we’re ‘party animals’ now.


Our shipment.






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