Though hard to believe, there are more pollutants in the air indoors than outdoors. Unlike the natural scenario, there is no automatic purification process going on with the help of UV rays and plants that can trap unwanted contaminants. If you don’t agree, just remove your curtains at home and look at the ray of sunlight pouring in. The light shows the millions of particles of dust and other elements creating chaos without our notice. This can cause a health hazard for someone with respiratory problems.

Why Do We Need to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Even after cleaning the house thoroughly, you probably notice that dust does not take long to create a thin film around the house. That is because the cleaned-up dust and other contaminating particles will not just be removed with a gentle dusting.

To properly clean the air around the house, you need to get rid of allergens that keep floating around, with no one being the wiser. These allergens, such as mold, dust mites, pet dander, etc., have no odor and are normally microscopic in size. Even though they do not sound too harmful, these can be very worrisome for an asthma patient.

Ways You Can Reduce Allergens to Improve Indoor Air

From simple dust particles to chemical allergens- all these can become harmful elements to our health. These allergens can cause irritation, sneezing, itching, runny nose, and even rashes without proper care.


Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is the basic remedy for allergens in a closed-off place. It is important to open windows to air out the space. It lets in the much-necessary sunlight that can purify the air at zero expense. But each house has vents, cracks, and other tiny places that let in the air. Make sure that these spaces are cleaned regularly.

Use an Air Purifier

With very little cost, good quality air purifiers will work for you to keep the area clean. It is mandatory to make sure that the air purifier filters are changed as per requirements. The filters must be from a good quality HVAC air filter supplier. Sellers like Simply Filters offers good air filters at lower prices.


Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Almost all heating and cooling appliances we have at our houses need to be checked out properly by an HVAC technician. Problems with residential HVAC filters can cause a dangerous increase in carbon monoxide. Quality HVAC filters can last for a long time without any problems, but regular check-ups cannot hurt.

Keep the Proper Plants

Plants often become the harbourer of molds and other contaminants. Because of that, experts suggest keeping plants outside instead of keeping them in locked spaces. But researchers also found some plants that work as air purifiers. These plants, such as Devil’s Ivy, Dracaena, Bamboo Palm, etc., can trap allergens and purify the indoor air. So what type of plants you keep indoors is very important to consider.


Reduce Dampness

Damp spaces become the reason for mold and unhygienic living conditions. Mold growth can be seen in bathroom walls or kitchen floors when there are problems with piping and leaks. As a solution to this problem, using a dehumidifier is a must, especially in basements. Keeping a window open for air circulation in bathrooms and kitchens can also help a lot.


Health is a big concern these days. Even though people have always been alerting when it comes to good health, health is equal to wealth these days. If you get sick, you cannot lead a productive life. And keeping your home free of any harmful element is given. Our homes are places for relaxation. So, this space needs to be in such a condition that can boost good health, not jeopardize it. Thus, we recommend using high-quality air filter to keep the air clean and free of allergens.