With the ongoing pandemic keeping us locked down, we’ve decided to give our at-home grooming routine a REFRESH! And with perfect timing, as our good friend, Lisa, introduced us to their family’s newly launched grooming line Fresh Wolf!  Over the years we’ve learned that when Lisa tells us something is good it is! Fresh Wolf is our grooming line Fan Favorite for Fall.


Fresh Wolf’s line of salon-quality grooming products will keep you feeling fresh. The masculine line formulated for the gents includes shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, hair wax, pomade, hair gel, hair + beard oil and body wash. What we love about the products and instantly noticed was how good they smell! All incorporate a scent of lavender patchouli reminiscent of Christian Dior’s popular Dior Homme cologne.




Best best part! – Each product in the Fresh Wolf line is sulfate-free and supports the family business. The line is inspired and run by Lisa’s two sons who serve as Creative Directors and Lisa and her husband John handling the business-side. It’s definitely a do-good project. Fresh Wolf aims to give back to foster care. For every unit purchased the Fresh Wolf team provides a 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash to selected foster care homes benefitting children in need.



Our favorite of the offerings was the shampoo! In addition to smelling great, it features Panax Ginseng Root which helps energize the scalp and follicles which adds volume at the root. A total save for gents with thinning hair like myself. 

With the support of foster care, Fresh Wolf will not only have you looking great and smelling good but feeling great as well. Pricing starts at around $8.99 for the hand sanitizer, $16.99 for the hair wax, $17.99 for the hair pomade, and $19.99 each for the shampoo and conditioner. Purchases can be made via FreshWolf.com.

Join the pack today.