You might have seen the new infrared sauna blankets on your social media feed lately but what exactly are they? Basically, it’s an infrared sauna — which uses infrared rays to heat the body directly —  in blanket form.
While the makers claim these blankets do everything from stimulating your immune system to detoxing, reducing inflammation, helping with workout recovery, and boosting your mood, there is no research on them yet.
Still, if you love a sauna this is a way to get one at home. But they are pricey, for instance, the MiHigh Sauna blanket is $500.
The video shows how easy it is to set up, and clean, and store (under the bed or the closet.)
Personally, we love to sweat in a sauna — and the benefits afterward. We feel energized, it definitely sweats out the toxins, helps us sleep better and some people swear it helps them lose weight. (Most of that is just temporary water weight.)
Of course, some docs say that breaking a sweat in a cardio workout is better than lying in your bed sweating like a banshee we like the idea of baking in an infrared blanket in the comfort of our bed.
If we can bake for a 45-minute sesh 4x a week in bed, we’re all in.
Santa, are you listening?

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