Regular mascaras use oils, waxes and dyes— basically to paint your lashes with pigment — whereas tubing mascaras have polymers that wrap around each individual lash. Hence the ‘tubing’ effect. Tubing mascaras have many advantages, chiefly that they are smudge-proof, cry-proof, and easy to remove with just water.
BLINC  developed the technology, brought it to market and it’s been insanely popular ever since. Many other rip-offs claim to be ‘tubing’ but if you see ‘oil’ listed as one of the ingredients you know it’s not the real deal.
BLINC  sent us a number of their popular brands and we put them to the test.
What we loved:
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasted after a swim (!)
  • Stayed put when we rubbed our eyes
  • Came off easily at the end of the day with just water. (Don’t panic, those little black bits you see in the sink are the tubes, not your lashes!)
Unlike waterproof mascaras, tubing mascara didn’t require harsh makeup removers or scrubbing to remove. And the BLINC mascara didn’t irritate our yes, either.
Pick your look from the different ones, ie the ‘Original’ (very natural), the ‘Amplified’ or the ‘Ultravolume; (which we like for GNO.) $26.
Yay science!