Under the Taliban’s rule, women weren’t allowed to go to school, had to be completely covered, and could only go out in public with a male escort. Women were routinely beaten and often executed for the slightest infraction.




Even though the Taliban 2.0 promises they’ve reformed, most Afghan women are now in hiding.

“Please spare a thought for the people women and girls of Afghanistan. A tragedy unfolds in front of our eyes,” said Phumzile Mlambo, the executive director of UN Women.

Here are ways you can help.

  1. Women for Women International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides support to female survivors of war, tweeted that they are collecting donations to help women find safe places to meet and ways to stay connected.
  2. Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security is also spreading the word about how to donate.


“It is a perilous moment for Afghan women and girls,” the institute wrote on its website. “Every day, the Taliban is gaining ground, assassinating women leaders, attacking girls at school, and rolling back women’s rights in the process. We are running out of time to prevent the worst from happening.”

3. FLYAWAY: EMERGENCY AFGHAN RESCUE MISSION is raising money to fund more flights out of Afghan for ‘high target’
The individuals in question are high-value targets – Afghan men and women who have worked as human rights lawyers, champions of Women’s and LGBTQ rights, journalists, government liaisons, artists, and interpreters.

‘If these people do not get rescued as soon as possible, neither they nor their family will make it through the month. The Taliban have a KILL LIST and are going door to door, searching for these people and reportedly killing them on sight if found. Every one of these individuals on the manifest have been vetted.’



4. Oasis Rescue. 

Women are already being ‘erased’ in Afghanistan. Posters of women are being painted over as the Taliban takes over the country. The Oasis Rescue trains women in other countries in the beauty field so they can become independent business owners and gives them a way out of poverty. Now, the women in the Beauty Salon’s program have been forced underground and the charity is trying to get them visas to escape the country before they are killed.

Donate if you can.