Remember last year’s Dunkin’ commercial with Ben Affleck where he appeared as a drive-through worker? It paid off in a BIG way.

Social media went crazy for the ad…the kind of publicity money can’t buy. Celebrities now appear in well over half the ads during the big game, so clearly it’s paying off.

So how much did Dunkin’ coffee fan Affleck make for a day’s worth of work?

10 million.

As part of the deal, Affleck insisted that Dunkin’ make a ‘sizeable donation’ to his nonprofit, the Eastern Congo Initiative.

But Affleck wasn’t just the famous face; he reportedly helped creatively conceive the ad and it was directed and produced by the production company that he co-ownes with Matt Damon.

“They sold more donuts the next day than any other day in their history,” an individual close to the Dunkin’ Super Bowl campaign said.

Add that to the cost to air an ad during the Super Bowl — a cool 7 million — and you’ve got one expensive commercial.

At this year’s game, you’ll see a bunch of A-list names, from Jennifer Aniston who reunited with “Friends” co-star David Schwimmer for Uber Eats to Chris Pratt with Pringles to Jason Momoa who is promoting T-Mobile’s high-speed Wi-Fi and even Martin Scorsese who directed and appears in a Squarespace ad.

T-Mobile, who often splurges for celebs, explained it this way:

“To bring content to the biggest stage and biggest platform out there, you need to have breakthrough power of what a celebrity can bring. When you invest in a celebrity, you are investing in who they are and the work that they’ve done. They bring a lot of brand credibility – and when I say ‘brand,’ I’m referring to their brand.”