Singer Reba McEntire as KFC’s Colonel Sanders. 

Not only is Reba McEntire the first woman to play KFC’s famous Colonel Sanders but she’s also the first musician to take on the role.

In the commercial, McEntire dons the Colonel’s famous white suit and black tie, but gives the getup ‘a little bit of the country music flair,’ she told The Associated Press in an interview.

Reba tweeted this photo of herself getting ready yesterday.

‘I thought the transformation was really funny,’ said McEntire, who will appear in the ads until the end of April. ‘I got a big kick out of it.’  Naturally, the country crooner sings in the commercial as well, at one point serenading a plate of Smoky Mountain BBQ flavor chicken. The commercial is running now, country fans.

McEntire also makes an appearance as herself, sitting in the audience, in the commercial