Noticed that Dr. Fauci hasn’t been testifying at Trump’s COVID taskforce press briefings? So did House Democrats who countered by asking ‘America’s doctor’ to testify for them in order to get a true picture of the deadly virus.

In quick succession, Fauci shot down ‘myths’ perpetuated by Trump and his cronies:

  1. Children are NOT  ‘almost immune’ to the disease.
  2. Coronavirus will NOT  ‘magically disappear
  3. Hydroxychloroquine or injecting bleach are NOT cures.
  4. Signing a waiver at a political event to not sue the organizer will NOT prevent you from getting COVID-19.

‘But signing a waiver doesn’t confer any kind of immunity on you, from being infected by the disease?’ Dr. Facui was aked.

‘No of course not,’ Fauci said.

He also told  lawmakers ‘it is unclear how long the pandemic will last’ and says: ‘Covid-19 activity will likely continue for some time.’

Democrats said the Trump administration initially prevented Fauci from testifying to the panel by saying he was ‘unavailable for the entire month of July’ and relented only after Clyburn wrote to Vice President Mike Pence. (Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn  heads the subcommittee.)

Ending his testimony, Dr. Fauci once again urged everyone to wear a mask and socially distance.