Why should we add toner to our skin routine? Let’s count the reasons, shall we?

  1. Toners remove every last bit of makeup or hard to remove sunscreens.
  2. Good ones reduce pore size –and who wouldn’t want that?
  3. They can restore your natural skins PH balance
  4. Some toners act as humectants, meaning they bind moisture to the skin, so those expensive serums you layer on later will be more effective.

Conversely, a cheap version can dry out the epidermis and cause skin issues. (This is NOT your mother’s astringent witch hazel toner!)

One of our favorite brands, ACADERMA just released  Equilibria Stabilizing Toner which we’ve only been using for a few days but are crazy about already. Powered by prebiotics in an alcohol-free base, it makes our skin glow, reduces redness, and hydrates skin.

‘Prebiotics’ you say?

Those maintain the good bacteria on the skin’s surface without stripping it away, and the hyaluronic acid moisturizes and plumps the skin.

Best $30 you’ll spend on your skin.