Did you know May is  Skin Cancer Awareness Month?

Celebrate by getting a sunless/fake tan instead of baking in the sun’s harmful rays. (Like we did as a teenager.)

With skin cancer being one of the most preventable forms of cancer with proper protection from ultraviolet radiation from the sun here are our top picks for the best fake tans.


  1. Luna Glow Tanning Moisturizer Lotion. $33

This is our favorite sunless tanning brand. It’s natural, organic, vegan and actually moisturizes (with Vitamins A, B & E and nourishing oils) while you get your glow on. By far the most natural — and deepest!– ‘fake’ tan we’ve ever had.



  1. Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan. $20.

For that airbrushed tan look, Fake Bake’s is a winner. There’s is a bit of a learning curve with this one but once you’ve had some practice your friends will think you got it done professionally. The addition of the 360-degree nozzle helps get those hard-to-reach places but we still ask a GF to spray our back.

Since it can take up to eight hours to fully develop, try applying before you go to bed. Tip: wear waterproof gloves and don’t spray your feet (the lotion naturally drips down.) The first time we tried it we ended up with super-dark toes which just looked weird.


Jergens Natural Glow WET Self-Tanner (Body.) $10.   

Yep, the drugstore brand is one of our faves. It doesn’t stain, goes on evenly and gives a natural-looking tan. Apply when you’re right out of the shower and your skin is still wet. It also doubles as a moisturizer. Win-Win.