When you’re in a vibrant city like Melbourne with events going on all day every day, how can you make your event stand out from the rest? How can you make it really pop? It’s perhaps not quite as hard as you think!

1. Get Unique Vendors

The first thing you can do is to make your vendors stand out. Favour vendors with unique presentation and offerings, and that bring some novelty. You could, for example, hire a coffee cart for your event in Melbourne, especially a morning or daytime corporate event where it’s not a good time for alcohol! You could also hire food vendors that bring unique and tasty local offerings served in a more unexpected way.

Not every vendor in your event has to be whacky or different, but giving space to at least some who will add colour and vibrancy to your event is a great start to making it pop.

2. Take it Online

Creating a virtual dimension to your event will really help attract bigger audiences and give more people a chance to be there who can’t be there in person. Many places are now running these so-called “hybrid” events where there’s an in-person element and a virtual element with the event streamed online.

You can create unique aspects of your event that are exclusive to the online audience, including polls, competitions and more, to make their experience more special. This not only makes your event stand out, but you can also gather huge quantities of real data about your event audience and what they think on various matters.



3. Invite Special Guests

Bringing local celebrities and special guest speakers to your event is another great way to raise its profile and make it very distinct from others. Those events that bring in outside speakers have a much more far-reaching appeal. Interesting and notable guests also help to draw media attention, which in itself creates a positive cycle of publicity.

The event itself will be extremely appealing for those in attendance, not just for the chance to hear the guest speaker, but possibly even a chance to meet them.


4. Get a Signing/Photo Wall

One thing that can make events feel very glamorous is the inclusion of a wall where attendees can sign their name, or where they can pose for photographs. Adding in a red carpet makes it feel like a Hollywood event, but at the same time the wall is very practical because you can include the names of your primary sponsors for the event.


5. Include Great Entertainment

Next, regardless of the type of event, be it corporate, celebratory or something else, something to keep the attendees entertained is a must. Some turn to stand-up comedians as a simple solution to this need, which can work well but is perhaps a little predictable. Why not organise something more unique like a local performing arts group?


6. Use Gift Bags

Another thing people love about events is a great gift bag. A goodie bag filled with even simple offerings from your sponsors, as well as some items from your own company makes guests feel more special, but also provides yet more opportunity for brand promotion. A well-designed and eco-friendly bag with a good selection of gifts will make your event hard to forget indeed.


7. Integrate Immersive Activities

Using the latest technology to create immersive experiences for guests, especially when you incorporate virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). They add excitement, fun and a sense of wonder to the event. Even simple activities work, because when fancy gadgets are involved, people become instantly engrossed.


Follow these tips to make your next corporate or celebratory event a real show-stopper.