Let’s face it; we’re gonna be wearing masks for a l-o-n-g time. If you’re having trouble with maskne it’s because wearing a mask all day leads to a moist environment from breathing, talking or sweating — the perfect environment for pimples and acne.
Wearing a silk mask can help. Here’s how:
Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and non-absorbent, keeping skin clear.
And since it’s  breathable and cool, it prevents breakouts. Natural silk materials effectively filter out particles and help prevent facial irritation.
And just in from the CDC:  ‘According to the CDC silk “may help repel moist droplets, and reduce fabric wetting and thus maintain breathability and comfort.”
In addition, a recent laboratory-based study postulates that silk possesses certain traits that warrant its potential use, such as its ‘naturally hydrophobic nature and its inherent antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.’ Don’t take our word for it — a study proved that the use of commercially available fabrics for improvised facecoverings has also shown that silk possesses some capacity as an antimicrobial barrier when used alone for the fabrication of facecoverings{* source: Parlin AF, Stratton SM, Culley TM, Guerra PA (2020)}
 Discover Night!  (who make our favorite pillow) have a chic $55 silk mask (made with 100% Mulberry Silk) that is safe and comfortable. With its’ antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it’s a natural fabric for these trying times. These also come with disposable filters made of melt blown, the same stuff used in surgical / healthcare masks.
Blissy — who makes our favorite pillowcase — has also gotten in the mask game with their 100% Pure Mulberry Silk version which is adjustable, machine washable and — this is key — breathable. Not only are they on sale for $14.95 but also when you buy a mask they donate one. Win-win.
Etsy also has a TON of silk masks. Make sure to get one with a nose wire for a good fit.