‘Finally,’ we thought, ‘a natural deodorant for Type A personalities.’ Turns out, that’s not exactly what the company meant. The team behind the non-toxic, aluminum-free deodorant developed a high-performance product, hence the ‘ type A’ moniker.

We tested the ‘Signature Trio’ and were happily stink-free, even after exercise. And since it’s only lightly scented (‘Visionary’ is our favorite) it doesn’t interfere with our parfum (Kai, if you must know.) The lightweight cream comes in a tube and you do need to wait a minute until it dries.

Unlike many natural deodorants, type A lasts and since it’s sweat-activated, you’re still protected if you go to the gym at the end of the day. At only $10 bucks per tube, it’s also a great deal.

This Type A is keeping this in regular rotation.

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