Amazonian: Skin Food is a company whose message is “Great for your skin, great for the world.” Their sustainable beauty products feature ingredients from the Amazonian rainforest and beautiful packaging (all aspects are responsibly sourced plus they give back 10% to Indigenous Amazonian people). 

But how is the product and why from the Amazonian rainforest? 



Co-founder Rose Correa grew up in Brazil and viewed the Amazon rainforest as a neighborhood pharmacy and would utilize the jungle’s natural medicine to treat her skin. The great power of the plants led to the founding of Amazonian: Skin Food. All ingredients are ethically sourced from local, Indigenous communities and in turn, help to support these communities. 


Rose Correa



The company uses natural formulas derived from raw cold-pressed organic oils and butters from nutrient-rich plants as opposed to synthetic ingredients. The products are also 100% free from GMO’s, parabens, sulfates, silicones, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, PEG’s and petrochemicals. 



I tried the Superfruit Facial Oil featuring natural Vitamin C and other ingredients such as oils derived from passion fruit, organic buriti, organic cacay nut oil, acai fruit oil and Vitamin E. 

I love this facial oil! My skin looks hydrated but is dry so I don’t like most oils—they lie on the skin and don’t absorb and are usually greasy feeling. The Superfruit Facial Oil feels like an oil and is substantial but when you apply it (3 to 6 drops or so to the face and neck) it absorbs directly and feels hydrating and non-greasy! I use it in the morning and the evening and when I need a moisture boost. I love it!

Ingredients are vegan, cruelty and toxin-free. Amazonian Superfruit Facial Oil (1 ounce 29.95) 

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