With winter’s colder months ahead we turned to the experts and our friends at Kiehl’s for a go-to plan to keep our skin holiday ready!  With a change in season, it’s always a good idea to make a few adjustments for a pro-active skin-care regimen. 

One item that is essential for a good winter skin-care routine is to stay hydrated! Skin gets drier this time of year because of the cold air and lack of humidity. To combat, one needs to not only amp up their water intake but also adjust their grooming products.

With a holiday plan in mind, Kiehl’s sent us a curated assortment of their best moisturizers, body cleanser and creams to get us winter-ready.


Our moisturizing plan:

Our fan favorite! Kiehl’s Age Defender Gel Moisturizer kept our skin moisturized throughout the day. What we especially liked was the thin gel did not make our skin feel heavy, which some of the thicker creams tend to do. We started using this before early morning gym as a quick morning go-to but quickly added to the overall day arsenal because we liked it so much. After a couple of weeks we started to notice a difference in the quality and texture of our skin.



Another great choice for moisturizing is Kiehl’s Age Defending Cream. A bit heavier compared to the gel moisturizer, the Age Defending Cream incorporates an anti-wrinkle treatment that we’ve been told has clinically demonstrated to visibly lift and firm skin and reduce fine lines.


Facial Fuel:

While we were fans of both the Age Defender Gel Moisturizer and Age Defending Cream, our longstanding moisturizer of choice from Kiehl’s as been their Facial Fuel Moisture Treatment. You can’t go wrong with this moisturizer which is light-weight, as well as vitamin-enriched and non-oily. Facial Fuel comes in two options with a thicker option containing SPF.



Coupled with a proper moisturizing plan we cannot stress enough the importance of a good under-eye routine! Under-eye is one of the areas that shows aging the most for men as they get older. We especially liked Kiehl’s Eye repair cream which reduces dark circles and contains anti-aging ingredients. We applied morning and night – *Note it is important to take care here, do not rub the cream on but rather pat on lightly with your finger.


Body Fuel:

Now that you’ve gotten you’re face moisturized, let’s not forget a good body cleanser. Kiehl’s included their All-in-one Body Fuel body wash which incorporates a fantastic eucalyptus and tea-tree scent. In addition to smelling great, the Body Fuel body wash can also be used as a shampoo and is formulated with caffeine, vitamin C, zinc, and menthol.



We cannot stress the importance of a good night-time repair regiment. Kiehl’s has got you covered with their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. We love love love the smell which is formulated with distilled botanicas including lavender, essential oil, evening primrose oil and squalene. The concentrate helps replenish skin for visibly smoother and more radiant skin by morning.


With these helpful suggestions, we hope to help you weather the winter storm. You’ll be sure to notice a difference in your skin within a good week or two for a brighter face approaching the new year!