As a native Californian, having an outdoor barbeque is as essential as life itself. Gasp—I barbequed for the first time ever in my backyard recently with the Everdure CUBE™ portable charcoal barbeque by Heston Blumenthal ($199.)

And thanks to a barbeque tutorial from our friend, a seasoned pro (no pun intended), our turkey burgers, chicken, and corn turned out fabulous!  

So—what’s this cute little square barbeque like? It’s small and easy to handle at approximately 13.7 inches in length, 16.7 inches wide and 9 inches high. I have the rad orange color (comes in other colors, too). 



It has metal safety fasteners that lock on each side and the lid works as a food-grade storage container (for meat, veggies, etc.). The cover is bamboo that doubles as a cutting board surface. 

When you open it, you’ll find a metal charcoal tray (black enamel) and chrome cooking grill. We used a starter chimney to get the coals ready and then transferred them into the charcoal tray. The Cube™ has a built-in heat protection shield and the stainless-steel handles remain cool. It’s a well-made, stylish barbeque. 


The turkey burgers (and later chicken) cooked quickly and evenly, and we also warmed the corn and buns on the grill. The grill can hold about four big hamburgers or three steaks. We’ll be trying again soon!  


It’s compact and perfect to take on the go for any camping trip, tailgate party or beach outing. Or it may come in handy when the apocalypse hits! Happy barbequing! 

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Julie Schlax-Patrick is a strategic and creative marketing communications consultant for entertainment, consumer products and start-up companies. She often has “one more question” because she loves learning about people and their stories. When not working, Julie is passionate about art, photography and creative expression. And she loves laughing. A lot.

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