After just a little over a year, Chris Licht, the former television producer who took over CNN, has been ousted.

One controversy after another marked Licht’s reign.

Let’s start with the doomed morning show featuring Don Lemon, but the real body blow was the town hall featuring Trump which received massive criticism internally as well as publically.

Licht said he was going for more ‘middle of the road’ programming, while ratings plummeted.

Add a disastrous Atlantic story on Licht which reflected poorly on CNN and his running of the network and the clock was ticking.



David Zaslav, the chief executive of CNN’s parent, Warner Bros. Discovery, informed staff on Wednesday morning that he had met with Mr. Licht and that he was leaving, effective immediately.

“For a number of reasons things didn’t work out, and that’s unfortunate,” Mr. Zaslav said, according to a recording of his remarks. “It’s really unfortunate, and ultimately that’s on me. And I take full responsibility for that.”