There are some great international soccer leagues from around the world, and that includes Bundesliga in Germany. Making Bundesliga predictions is not only something that is done by people that live in Germany, but also by people that live around the world.

Thinking about the Bundesliga should make you think about the country of Germany as a whole, and especially about some of the great travel destinations in that country. There are some great places to visit in Europe, but Germany should be right at the top of the list.

Here are seven must-see travel destinations or cities to visit in Germany.

Rhine River

The Rhine River has been a part of some major historical events in Germany and other parts of Europe and it’s a place that you must visit if you are in this country. The Rhine Valley is the best place to get the most perfect view of the river that stretches all the way from the Netherlands to Switzerland.


Spending a day out on the Rhine River is a perfect way to relax, and you will also get to see some of the most beautiful landscape that the country has to offer.


Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg has so much to see and do in Germany, but there is one specific section to check out. The Miniatur Wunderland is home to the world’s largest model train car set and it’s truly a sight to behold.


There are sections that represent different parts of the world along the track, and so many wonderful details to check out on your visit. It’s not uncommon to spend hours at this location so it’s best to pencil in a full day to check out all of the sights.


Bundesliga Stadiums

Of course, the best place to make Bundesliga predictions today is from inside of the stadiums that host teams from this league. If you are going to make a trip to Germany then you simply have to visit a home stadium to catch a game.

Since the sport of soccer is so popular in the country of Germany, you will get some of the best experiences while watching a match in person. If you are someone that thinks you might plan on making several trips to Germany then pick a team and jump on that team’s bandwagon.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest might sound like a place that is creepy or at times scary to visit, but it’s actually a place that is beautiful. There is an open air museum located in the Black Forest and it’s a perfect place to escape and spend some time exploring rather than making Bundesliga picks.


Perhaps the best way to explore the Black Forest is by driving around on the designated route, but you are free to set out and do some hiking if you choose that as well.

Museum Island: Berlin

Visiting a museum can be a bit boring at times, and it’s definitely not an activity that everyone is always wanting to do. Museum Island in Berlin is a bit different though as you won’t just find a boring museum.

Museum Island is actually a collection of museums and some of the artifacts that you find there are going to date back hundreds of years. There are also newer artifacts in some of the buildings as well, and you won’t ever get tired of looking at pieces from the history of Germany.

Island of Rugen

Most people don’t think about islands when thinking about Germany, but that shouldn’t necessarily be the case. One of the top tourist attractions in Germany is the Island of Rugen and it’s a perfect spot to spend a day at the beach.

The Jasmund Peninsula is usually the biggest draw at the Island of Rugen and you will experience several different types of landscapes there. There is also a visitor center that will help guide you to some of the top locations on the island.

The Berlin Wall

No trip to Germany is complete without a visit to the Berlin Wall. This isn’t going to be one of the most beautiful places that you find in Germany, but it’s definitely one of the most historical.



Graffiti now covers the Berlin Wall in most spots, but it’s a pretty good reminder of just how far this country has come over the past few decades. Of course, it has now been turned into a tourist attraction and there are several things to do in and around that area.